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Things I Learned as an RN in the Emergency Department

At University of New Mexico Hospital, our emergency and trauma teams are dedicated to providing exceptional, around-the-clock care for our patients. Ever wondered what it would be like to be an RN in an Emergency Department? Hear from some of our team on what they’ve learned during their time in the ED!

“If you’re new to nursing, take an EMT Basic course. Be prepared for the stress, compassion, frustration, camaraderie – and the absolute best job in the world. Common sense, communication and good observation skills are the base job requirements.”
Chris RN Inpatient Supervisor
“What surprised me the most about working in the Emergency Department was the level of enjoyment of my job, due to the great group of coworkers. We are a family!"
Sarah RN
“I don’t think there is an “average day” because there are multiple departments you can work in. Triage, regular rooms, MEC or Trauma/Resus. It helps break up any monotony and keeps you on your toes!”
Genevieve RN
“We are a team. Individually we are all great and can do a fantastic job. As a team, we are amazing – we are unstoppable. We learn, grow and care for patients together.”
SARA Unit Based Educator
"What surprised me about working in the Emergency Department is the ability of the staff as a whole to deal with anything and everything. It’s a challenging place to work, but you’ll learn so much.”
Shandra RN

Think you’re ready to take the next step and pursue a career as an RN in our Emergency Department? Click here to view our open positions!

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