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Why UNMH? According to New Hires


We asked some of our newer hires why they chose to work at UNMH. See what they had to say!

"I came out of retirement to help with COVID calls. I wanted to help make a difference" - Terrence Holmes, RN Outpatient IV
I attended UNMH as a patient and I wanted to give back" - Jenna Stoff, Speech pathologist
"I returned to UNMH because I wanted to return to a sense of community that makes a difference in the lives of others." - Victoria Rodarte, RN Per Diem I
"I chose UNMH to continue learning emergency medicine from some of the best people in the country." - Miguel Padilla, Paramedic
"I have always wanted to work for UNMH. I love how it's family and teamwork oriented. When I was given the chance to join the team, I didn't hesitate to take it." - Jolene Suina, Patient Care Tech
"As a new resident to new Mexico, I wanted to work with a team that contributes to the community." - Kristen Siebold, Pharmacy Tech II
"I worked here before and really enjoyed the setting. I cam back to UNMH because the team is great, which made it an easy choice to come back." - Mercedes Breceda, Physical Therapist
"UNMH offers their workers many opportunities to grow professionally." - Veronica Iturralde, Certified sterile tech

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