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Neuroscience ICU at UNM Hospital

A spotlight on the neuroscience icu team

our team has 73 regisered nurses and 19 patient care technicians.

we take pride that we are the only neurological, neurosurgical and stroke unit in new mexico.

we care for patients who hav brain and spinal injuries, central nervous system tumors, weakness disorders, seizures, delirium, dementia and other medical and surgical condiditons.


registered nurses

  • assist wwith special tests and procedures
  • participate in patient orientation, admitting and discharges
  • assist with emergency medical procedures
  • administer medication
  • maintain a safe and comfortable environment for patients and families

patient care technicians

  • observe patient to ensure their safety and well-being, report observations to charge nurse
  • provide basic patient care, take and record vital signs
  • assist with activities of daily living: meals, ambulation, hygiene and linen change
  • complete documentation as required on the electronic medical record

neuroscience team culture

our culture is:

  • kind
  • helpful
  • a close-knit family
  • team oriented</li
  • collaborative
  • diverse
My day team is very helpful. If i have a heavy assignment, i always have help and can rely on other techs and nurses to help me keep my patients safe. You learn a lot and work with a great group of people.
Kim Martinez, RN

Think the Neuroscience ICU might be the place for you? Check out open positions on our team!

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